Dig U.S. Out was created for one simple reason: to put Americans back to work

The launch of Dig U.S. Out marks an exciting development in the effort to solve the nationwide unemployment crisis. Founded by a group of volunteers with decades of experience in economic policy, the non-profit is focused on creating pathways back to economic independence for Americans across all walks of life.

At its core, the mission of Dig U.S. Out is incredibly simple: put Americans back to work. The organization’s goal is to match those without job opportunities with meaningful employment so they can contribute towards their communities and achieve financial stability once again. To do this, they provide specialized job search assistance through their website, as well as access to resources such as career counseling, job-related training programs, and more.

What truly sets Dig U.S. Out apart is its emphasis on high-quality jobs that are not only financially beneficial but also personally rewarding and truly meaningful to those who take them. The organization prioritizes meaningful positions that pay living wages, offer opportunities for education and professional development, provide long-term success and make positive contributions to the community. For example, positions in ‘green’ industries like farming and renewable energy are highly recommended by the organization because these jobs help mitigate climate change while providing promising careers for those affected by unemployment.

Ultimately, Dig U.S. Out was created for one simple reason: to put Americans back to work so that we can all come together to build a better future for ourselves and our families. By emphasizing the importance of high-quality employment in sustainable industries, the organization is fostering a brighter tomorrow for us all—and that’s something worth celebrating!
The economy of 2020 has been rocky to say the least. Many businesses have had to close their doors and millions of Americans are out of work. So when Dig U.S. Out was created in early 2021, there was one simple goal in mind: to put Americans back to work.

At its core, Dig U.S. Out is a job-matching platform that follows a three-step process: hire, educate, and deploy. The website puts job seekers in touch with employers who are looking for qualified workers. It also provides free online courses that can help users skill up in areas they may need to be more successful in the job market, such as coding or financial literacy.

These resources have already proven useful for those seeking employment. In fact, and 73% of those who have used Dig U.S. Out are more confident in their ability to find a job than they were before they found the platform. What’s more, employers say they’ve seen success after using the site – 84% of employers said they plan to hire from Dig U.S. Out as long as the need for qualified employees remains high in their area or industry.

It’s not just about jobs either;Dig U.S Out is also about growth and career development. The platform provides mentorship between job seekers and industry mentors, career advice from experts, and the opportunity for users to earn certifications or badges that show their expertise in certain areas related to their desired field of work.

As the American economy shifts, Dig U.S Out is working hard to make sure Americans are connected with jobs they’re qualified for while helping them build careers they can be proud of and that will provide financial stability for years to come. Thanks to this creative initiative, opportunities continue to arise for those who hope to re-enter the workforce at any level – an invaluable gift to a people trying to get back on their feet after a tumultuous few years economically speaking.

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